Hydraulic Three Roll Mill

Main features / Characteristics.

+ Centrifugally spun cast and internally cooled rolls with surface high wear resistant grinding surfaces.
+  Hydraulically engaged rolls perform the mixing and grinding operations.
+  Hydraulically pressed gun metal hopper cheeks on both sides of feed rolls form leakless feed chamber.
+  Single lever for engaging/disengaging the rolls together and discharging knife.
+  Individually controlled pressures of feed rolls, grinding rolls, hopper cheeks and discharging knife.
+  Electronically controlled roll temperature for each roll.
+  Robust drive train, hermetically sealed and lubricated.
+  Micro gap between rolls can be set with appreciable repeatability.
+  Scaled up designes with optimum nip force.

     The dispersion of medium to high viscous millbase can be achieved by our fully Hydraulic Triple Roll Mill. The shearing force created between the array of horizontally mounted counter rotating rolls helps in dispersion of the millbase like printing inks, industrial & decorative paints, artists' colours, foodstuff, cosmetic products, etc.

     Our triple roller mill is designed with state of the art methods to meet the industrial demand and applications.

     The electronic control of the roll temperature activates itself only when the three roller mill is running to conserve the water.


As per latest safety regulations that include

+ Emergency stop button on four corners of the machine.
+ Emergency pull cord with manual reset interlock at safe and operating distance of the feeding end.
+ Protection bar to be employed during cleaning.


+ Ni-Cr Alloyed Chilled Cast Iron rolls.
+ Ceramic rolls.
+ Roll cover for better safety.
+ Heating arrangment of rolls.
+ Dry run protection.
+ Explosion proof construction.
+ PLC control & automated production.