Rotojet Mixer

Main features / Characteristics.

+  Top entry mixer.
+  Better mixing at low peripheral speed.
+  Ideal for low shear mixing of high viscous liquids (Max. 40,000 cP).
+  Ideal for large volume tanks.
+  Less power requirement.
+  Shorter mixing time.
+  No air entrapment.
+  No frothing.
+  Transmission with robust gearbox.
+  Wide range of metallurgy.
+  Scaled up designs of batch size upto 5000 litres.

      The principle behind the high Viscous Jet Mixer is the venturi effect. The converging pipe accelerates the stirred media as it moves forward. The low pressure at the trailing edge causes the stirred media to mix without entraping air. The mixing element is aligned to transport the media throughout the vessel when it advances in peripheral motion. The series of mixing elements follow the predecessor to cause thorough and gentle agitation.


+  Standard Rotojet mixer.
+  Mixer for vacuum operation for deaeration.
+  Mixer for smaller entry.


+ Safety interlock of the mixer with the maintenance door.


+ Bottom entry design.
+  Explosion proof construction.
+  PLC control & automated production.