Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

Main features / Characteristics.

+  Double paddle blender transports the material at low shear rate.
+  Shorter mixing cycles ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.
+  Efficient fluidisation zones from 50% to 150% of the batch volume.
+  Better uniformity of the ingredients.
+  Wide range of metallurgy.
+  Shaft sealing with Teflon gland.
+  Transmission with robust gears.
+  Pneumatically operated Bomb-bay doors.
+  Hermetically sealed feed door.
+  Scaled up designs of batch size upto 5000 litres.

     The Horizondal twin shaft paddle blender is suitable for mixing free flowing particulate solids. The uniformity of mixing is achieved by series of paddles mounted on a pair of counter rotating parallel shafts. In our Powder mixer, the paddles are aligned in such a way that the angle of attack consumes less power to leave no material untreated.

     The convective fluidisation is caused when the paddles transport the pariculate solids relative to each other in the double shaft paddle mixer.

     Pneumatically operated Bomb-bay doors ensure intact sealing at the dischage ports and ensure shorter discharge time ranging from 3 Seconds to 15 Seconds.


+  Standard mixer.
+  Mixer with liquid addition.


+ Mixing can be started only when the feed    door and all maintenance doors are closed    intact.
+ Safety grid at the feed port.
+ Completely closed drive train bay.


+ Explosion proof construction.
+ Pneumatically operated feed door.
+ Discharge hopper with sliding valve.
+ Packaging station.
+ PLC control & automated production.