High Speed Disperser

Main features / Characteristics.

+  Higher rate of energy imparting for dispersion through High shear impeller.
+  Highly advanced inTorq technology.
+  Impeller tip speeds up to 5200 ft/min.
+  Dispersion can be achieved for millbase with viscosity up to 1,000,000 cP.
+  Ideal for shear thinning and shear thickening millbase.
+  Vessel centering device.
+  Efficient drive train.
+  Hydraulic lifting of the dispersion head for change can operation.
+  Scaled up models of batch size from 200 milliliters to 5000 liters.

      High Shear Disperser is suitable for mixing, dissolving and dispersion of medium to high viscous millbase. The millbase of viscosity up to 1,000,000 cP can be handled by our high speed Disperser. Our High shear dissolvers are supplied with with inTorq drive or frequency inverter. Our dissolvers can guarantee short batch cycles.

      The inTorq drive enables the intelligent watchfulness of the torque management function. It distributes the torque to the dispersion tool according to the dynamic changes in the viscosity of the millbase.

      Our standard High Shear Mixers are of floor mounted type. We can also install the standard equipment as mezzanine mounted dispersers with fixed process containers and swiveling dispersion head for larger batch sizes.


+  Vacuum Disperser for deaeration.
+  Vacuum Disperser with wall scraper.
+  Twin Shaft Disperser.
+  Multishaft Disperser.


+ Dispersion can be started only when the vessel is postioned at the proper place.
+ Dispersion is stopped when the dispersing head is raised above certain level.


+ Duplex disc for dispersion of very high viscous    millbase.
+  Explosion proof construction.
+  PLC control & automated production.
+  Swiveling disperser head.
+ Accurate measurement of temperature of the millbase (not the container wall) and pressure.