High Energy Bead Mill

Main features / Characteristics.

+  Rotating Energizer tools at peripheral speed up to 13m/S.
+ Higher energy concentration zones ensured by Toroidal flow of the milling media.
+  State of the art separation system for usage of micro milling media up to 0.1mm nominal size.
+  Ability to achieve nano size dispersion.
+  Wear resistant surfaces ensure long life of the machine.
+  Dispersion of high viscous millbase is possible.
+  Appreciably higher through put rate.
+  Better heat dissipation for the use with heat sensitive materials.
+ Double acting cartridge mechanical seal for sealing the rotating shaft and the milling chamber.
+  Effortless removal of the milling chamber on rail helps easy cleaning of the mill.
+  Strategically placed media collection tray ensures no wastage of media.
+  Easy operation of the mill and simple maintenance.
+  Designed for circulation or continuous milling operation.

      The High Energy Bead Mill can impart more energy to milling media for dispersion than other conventional mills. The geometry of the energizer dispersion tool fluidizes the milling media in toroidal flow pattern to form high energy concentration zones through out the milling chamber.

      The micro media mill is equipped with state of the art separation system for usage of milling media up to 0.1mm nominal size. The double acting cartridge mechanical seal with suitable buffering plan makes the horizontal bead mill withstand higher pressure.

      Coaxially positioned discharge port with larger area for media separation helps in promoting the through put. Baffled flow path of coolant and increased heat transfer area makes the dispersion of heat sensitive materials possible. The pressure and temperature inside the mill can be continuously monitored.

      The higher energy input, thorough fluidisation, ability to separate micro milling media and wear resistance surfaces make our High efficiency bead mill capable of achieving nano milling/dispersion.


+ Dispersion can be started only when the    milling chamber is closed intact.
+ Easily accessible emergency button on the  machine.


+ Ceramic coated milling surfaces.
+ Explosion proof construction.
+ Interlock of mill with temperature and    pressure of the milling chamber.
+ PLC control & automated production.